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 4 reviews
by Bryan on Youngs River Trees

We had Robert and his team remove a huge Sitka Spruce tree that was leaning over our house. They were very knowledgeable and professional. We highly recommend them.

Bryan and Shoana

by James on Youngs River Trees

I have an eight acre tree lot on my property that I go to great lengths to manage myself. When it was time to take out a large mature birch that was precariously leaning over our master bedroom the only company in the area I trust is Youngs River Trees. The team who did the work cared about that old tree as much as I did. The were extremely conscious about their job as well as my property. They went the extra mile so I could mill the tree into lumber to build new cabinets for the kitchen. The quality work performed by Youngs River Trees was worth more than the amount I paid.

Youngs River Trees did a great job removing our trees. There were some that were leaning the wrong way, but they had the equipment to bring them back. What I liked best, and why we chose them, they could do a big job with a small footprint. Very satisfied.

The guys at Youngs River Trees are great at what they do. Very professional - leave the site clean and pristine... and they won't rob you!

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